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Music This Month – August 2017

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Clocks – Coldplay
Godzilla (live) – Blue Oyster Cult
Take the long way home – Supertramp
All the young dudes – Mott the Hoople
Like a rolling stone – Bob Dylan

August 2017

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The month of:-

February and the Dentist
The diary
Penarth and tracking
Out of space and retired
Not bayonet and poor memory
From 08:00
Blue Danube
Engines and Eyes
Titanium and Tomatoes
Bacon instead of Curry
Friday Full English
An Ocean and a Week
Tomato time
Ready cut back

Coming in September 2017

2 x Beer Fests
More Dorchester

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An Ocean and a Week

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The Dog Days of Summer

And new WiFi in the Cwtch

The Law in 1974

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They flickered

And were exploited

Cricket before IPA

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More bacon

However an extra Pub

Bacon not Curry

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Any early morning Bacon Roll

Led to Curry moving to Friday

The End of the Summer of Sharks

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The Best Journey

Very early morning
In the dark
With a dull selfie video
Podcasts including DTNS and TWiT
Machen and the M4
Less than two hours for the initial stage
Arrive in the dark
Starbucks or Costa Coffee


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