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Music This Month – December 2017

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Lady of the Lake – Starcastle
Sultans of Swing – Dire Straits
Jane – Jefferson Starship
I believe in Father Christmas – Greg Lake
Long Distance Runaround – Yes

December 2017

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The month of:-

Cake in Bridgend
Festive Haircut
iOS 11.2
Mostly packing
Turkey and festive mash
Wellies doesn’t Tweet
Patreon changes
A cancelled train and snow
A gentle afternoon
Sunday Snow
More snow
Roll Back
Podfeet shout out
Broken ticket machine
No correct sizes
Flapjack Monday
Be good
The Drip and the Website
The Great Ponty Fire of 2017
The Spring is changed
Poundland Elf
Another Podcast mention
Santa drove my bus
Biggest ever Tweet
Swiping great news
All much bigger
The no scrape packed out day
Old TWiT end of the Year

Coming in January 2018

CES in London

It’s The End Of The Year

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Mostly dry

Completely great

2017 End Of Year Message

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Shiny head

And it looks damp

DT: Saturday Afternoon Updates

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For the afternoon of Saturday 30 December 2017

Rank Manager Team GW  TOT
1   Gareth Yeo  Suicide Squad 37 1117
3   Scott Whittingham  Porto Wanderers 44 1083
4   Tyrone Olding  Bunshaloozuz 51 1063
5   Gareth Price  The Price is right 32 1055
6   craig price  Another Picnic 57 1045
7   Howard Whittingham  Pancho X1 55 1041
8   Roger Nash  Spoons United 32 1024
8   colin liston  Klump City 58 1024
10   Dale Parker  Saunders Valve 35 1022
11   Dean Parry  Pazza’s underdogs 47 1015
12   Ian Page  Marching on together 33 992
13   Chris Bailey  Hail to the Chimp! 12 980
14   Mark Begley  Marks XI 33 957
15   Leslie Withers  Little Troopers 6 943
16   Niamhy Coveney  KaneAlli All the Way 22 937

The No Scraped Packed Out

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Mild and Breezy

For the Eve of New Year’s Eve

The Audio Beano – #mb13

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No Street Lights

An audio video

Award and Not Award

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The Good

And the hype

Santa and Free Fish

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Santa driving the bus

Free Fish with my Chips

Semi Open Shutter

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Not ready for Christmas

Only just ready for Chips

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