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February 2023

01/03/2023 Leave a comment

58 Pattern
Wrong Time Zone
Superior Apple Support
Free Beer
Another Flat Battery
Strange Battery days
Free Warning Removal
Just the card
New Aux
Apple updates again
Tweaks for Twitter
TouchRetouch and Hindenburg
Tiny Birthday
Spiked Lawn
Eye recovered
Selfie Tripod
Wireless Charging
All day lenses

Coming in March 2023

Weston Super Mare

Garden – February 2023

26/02/2023 Leave a comment

he driest February since 1993. During the month I strimmed the edges of the lawn and then spiked it. It seems to be growing well despite the end of month coldness. On the Potato Chitting front all the seed Potatoes now have eyes and they are growing well. The first Casablancas will go in at the end of March, weather willing. I have some Spring Onions, now growing well on the window sill. The Tesco Bag for Life has come off them and they are lapping up the late winter sun. During the next month, I will be mowing the lawn, putting moss killer on it and prepping Potato bags.

Sunny but with a very cold wind

For Saturday 25 February 2023

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The Saturday Wrap for 25 February 2023. 4 Day week, Carrot Weather, GoDaddy hacked, Tiny IRL, Machen Fire, Spiked Lawn, Picard 3, Eye revovered, Selfie Tripod, Stagecoach, Mottie, Moving Kit, Shaved, Earthquake, Contacts. #SaturdayWrap #February2023 #Caerphilly

For Saturday 25 February 2023

For Saturday 18 February 2023

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The Saturday Wrap for 18 February 2023. Resign, AirDdop, Software Subs, Full English, CAMRA Card, Cashback, Measuring, Booking, Spring Onions, Aux Cable, Apple Updates, Strimmed, Patch Tuesday, Tiny Birthday, Clarity, Free Beer. #SaturdayWrap #February2023 #Bedwas

There are captions if you need them

For Saturday 11 February 2023

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The Saturday Wrap for 11 February 2023. AI, Ivory App, Things Going Wrong, Emergency Beano, Apple Gift Card, Wrong Time Zone, Tiny Rebel Glass, Tech Support, Apple, Shaved, Linux Mint, Free as in Beer, Detail 4 app, Potato Feed, Battery, Frost, Midjourney, Just Press Record, Aux Cable, Kwik-Fit.   #SaturdayWrap  #February2023 #Bedwas

Maybe subtitles?

Beer Musings – 03 February 2023

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An Emergency Beano in Newport, South Wales. Mild weather for early February and time to discuss Dry January, beer price rises, CAMRA vouchers, Hereford Beer House loyalty scheme and 6 Nations Rugby. 

#Ale #Beer #Bier #February2023

Fine Ales need Fine Chips

For Saturday 04 February 2023

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The Saturday Wrap for 04 February 2023. Pre Paid Meters, Stock Apps, Strikes, Old Passport, Mint and Spring Onions, Car Fob, TVOS, Weather Apps, Camo, Optician, 58 Pattern, 16p, Soap and Twitter API.   #SaturdayWrap  #February2023 #Newport

Live from The John Wallace Linton
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