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December 2018

01/01/2019 Leave a comment

The month of:-

SP4 alone
LED Lights
New Rail Timetable
Early morning printouts
Trim up the desk
1809 x 2
Hindenburg Broadcaster
Festive Cold and Sudafed
Jose sacked
Deliveries up the street
Now with Pencil
Til the end
Don’t trust the battery meter
Almost dry Christmas
Teaching iPad
Hard Crash
My Boxing Day idea in reality
I need my JCD
Backpack Studio
Zips don’t last

Coming in January 2019

Dorchester / Weymouth / Beerex

Garden – December 2018

30/12/2018 Leave a comment

It stopped rain



And there is still some growth

Going with the flow

30/12/2018 Leave a comment

The last Saturday in 2018



Took the train to Penarth


Pre Christmas Newport

25/12/2018 Leave a comment

Twas the day before Christmas



And it didn’t rain (much)

A Festive Beano of two parts

23/12/2018 Leave a comment

Free Bacon


Non free Fine Ales

Nearly Christmas

09/12/2018 Leave a comment

It rained

And this video is banned a Thailand (copyright)

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