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Music This Month – December 2015

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Killed By Death – Motorhead
Bomber – Motorhead
Silver Machine – Hawkwind
I believe in Father Christmas – Greg Lake
Great Adventure – Magnum
Strangehold – Ted Nugent

December 2015

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The month of:-

3D in the rain
Right angled and lawful
Cola car wars
Without tree lights
The Newport Tap
Sheep on the line
Mike goes
Shirts and Mugs
Left side failure
Slow but cheap pumping
The Fridge and The Post Office
And Fire
Man Flu Festive
Wellington packed
Sudafed return
The lost weekend
They’re dead
Wetess Ponty
Earlier and Arfur
It rained
Firefox burns
21 and memory
Lemmy dies – killed by death
Frank gets soggy
First home grown Peppers of 2015


Coming in January 2016

CES/Beano Hybred

21 No Idea Why

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Wet and Windy

But with festive ales

Minus Mince Pies Plus WiFi

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The day before Christmas

Chips mainly

Day 03 – Sniffle and Snonker

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A day of halves

And semi festive names

Day 02 – Doze

17/12/2015 1 comment

A very long bar

And a cheese and onion roll

Day 01 – Festive Posting

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From the Fridge

To the Post Office

Avoiding Santa

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Off to a rather soggy Cardiff

For the finest of festive ales

Festive Poke

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Pointing out Festive Pints

And “I’m Sorry”

Garden – December 2015

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Those potatoes that were still growing

The frost got them

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