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20230311 Prelude mb03 Hereford Mar 23

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A light frost and snow flurries start to mb03 and a chance to bring my count number up to the month number. It was light from Monmouth onwards and what a joy that was. Apart from that it’s the standard Hereford one day plan but with a £5.00 discount voucher for The Hereford Beer House.

Where exactly is Spring?

For Saturday 11 March 2023

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The Saturday Wrap for 11 March 2023. Snow, Drafts App, Old, mb02, Noagendasocial, Black Cat, Worst DT score, 60p extra, Free Chips, Lottery, No Snow, Snow, Rain and Private Parties, Sun. #SaturdayWrap #March2023 #Bedwas

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