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Spoons Spring Beer Festival 2023

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So it must be Spring as we have gone past both the St David’s Day and The Spring Equinox, however the weather is still like February. What makes it really Spring is The Wetherspoon’s Spring Beer Festival and that starts on 22 March 2023. So it’s off to Cardiff for the maximum number of Wetherspoons. Plus my Oldies Bus Pass has arrived.

Starting with Freddy Export

After a Costa Bacon Roll and Coffee, it was straight in to The Gatekeeper. That Belgian Flag was calling me and straight off it was a B++ and 1 Sat per minute on the Fountain App.

Freddy gently settling

Then along comes Spring Break from Greene King and who knew, a really rather nice fruity, malty Golden Ale

Spring Break – Greene King – 4.4% ABV

Moving on to The Central Bar, where people go for a Full English in Cardiff. Strangely the Fest Ales are unmarked and just look like standard Guest Ales.

Very Springlike
B+ and bit

Vincent and Blind Jack. The Central Bar is sessionable central.

Just across the bridge
Lady Brewers are quality Brewers

And then it got all Old School and Swiss. It’s been a long time since I have been to the Ernest Willows.

Booth 13

Reeds Ale from Sudwerk in Switzerland, brewed at Adnams in Suffolk. All really malty

Cheaper here too

And to finish the day.

A B++
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