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20230304 mb02 Day 01 Wrap

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Double Optimised start, great Tesco staff, carpark app, close Costa, tide out, Saturday morning TWiT, no cold Butter, noagendasocial down, The Awesome Black Cat, Premier Inn pleases.

WestonSuperMare #March2023 #mb02

Pre Premier Inn Full English

Cats On The Wall

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A double optimised departure and the carpark had an app, despite what the website said. Costa just around the corner from the carpark. Coffee and a Bacon Roll, of course.

Tip for the Cabot Court, order your food early, as it fills up quickly and gets very busy. However, Half FTTC WiFi.

Meanwhile The Black Cat Micro is Full FTTC and is full of the Finest of Cask and Keg. Note, it’s Card only. Big Crisps too.

Hazy at the Black Cat Micro
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