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Day 01 – London 2016

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The annual November London Beano

IMG_6641   IMG_6642
No frost   Or wind
PHOTO_20161108_050509   PHOTO_20161108_050521
Waze   Cloth required
IMG_6643   IMG_6645
The Queens Hotel, Newport   Breakfast
IMG_6646   IMG_6647
May go there later this week   And breakfast finished
IMG_6648   IMG_20161108_113204724_HDR
Newport Railway Station   Essential nutrients for the phone
IMG_6651   IMG_6652
Paddington   Lunch location
IMG_6656   IMG_6657
Afternoon Delight   Seems like a place for me
IMG_6658   IMG_6659
Ice Cream to start   #Sour
IMG_6660   IMG_6661
Number 02   A little too cold
IMG_6662   IMG_6663
From the spiral staircase   It was Confidence by Moor Beer
IMG_6665   IMG_6668
The Kernel   Room for the night

Day 01 – Headphones and Spillage

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Twice within half an hour

But all good in the end

The Plan #London2016

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Set up a command post

In The Queens Hotel, Newport

Starting #London2016

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Dry and no frost

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