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Day 05 – Tap Planning

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Slightly better camera

Portrait though

Day 04 – London 2016

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Kilts, Plastic Glasses and Craft Ale

IMG_6729   IMG_6730
Still fighting it   Three mushrooms
IMG_6731   IMG_6733
St Pancras   Liverpool Street Railway Station
IMG_6734   IMG_6735
Spoons – Planning Central   Autumn, so Stout
IMG_6736   IMG_6738
Plastic glasses due to the England / Scotland game   Moving on to the fridge
IMG_6739   IMG_6740
And the fridge is at 5.7c   Local brews too
IMG_6744   IMG_6745
In search of craft   The Craft Beer Co
IMG_6742   IMG_6747
St Mary Axe   Nice selection
IMG_6746   IMG_6748
First drink   Nice glass
IMG_6750   IMG_6751
5 minutes later   A sour from Siren
IMG_6755   IMG_6756
Williams Ale and Cider House   Can’t beat made Squirrels

Day 04 – We Will Remember Them

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The 11th day of the 11th month

City of London Craft

Day 04 – Planning Craft

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A little murky

Mostly the camera

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