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Day 03 – London 2016

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Needing more Italian craft ales

IMG_6698   IMG_6700
Well played @premierinn   St Pancras
IMG_6702   IMG_6703
Liverpool Street Station   And they are open
IMG_6705   IMG_6707
Bitter drinkers Bitter   For the Chief
IMG_6709   IMG_6710
South of the river   Italian Craft Beer Central
IMG_6711   IMG_6712
Thursday delivery day   Plan B
IMG_6713   IMG_6715
Not cheap   And back to Plan A
IMG_6714   IMG_6717
Gentle sour   Lambic
IMG_6719   IMG_6722
Very complex peat, whiskey cask sour   Moving on to the Waterloo Tap
IMG_6723   IMG_6725
Great selection   Juicebox by Fourpure
IMG_6726   IMG_6727
Waterloo Station   Euston Station

Day 03 – Italian Peat

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The most complex drink I have ever had

And the video has copyrighted content

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