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Yes we have no Bacon

07/10/2018 Leave a comment

What’s happening with Costa Coffee

And thank heavens for Spoons

Wessex October 2018 – Day 03

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That was Friday

This is Saturday

Strikes and Pavilions

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Trains of course

And the Weymouth Octoberfest 2018

Wessex October 2018 Day 02

05/10/2018 Leave a comment

The tech is against me

But the weather is fine

DT: Thursday Night Updates

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For the night of Thursday 04 October 2018

Dream Team Sun 20181004

Sedgemoor South 20181004

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Middle of the night coffee

And slow Internet

Sunny, It’s Coming Home

08/07/2018 Leave a comment

Full English, Real Ales

Streaming Video and a Rabbit

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