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For Saturday 25 July 2020

25/07/2020 Leave a comment

The Saturday Wrap for 25 July 2020. Booking A Beano, Bio Ethanol, Artificial crowd noise, Tyre pressure, old age pit stop and safely in Spoons. From #Worcester #SaturdayWrap #mb05

#mb04 – The Late Mini Beano

10/05/2018 Leave a comment

Late but early

Spring but chilly

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The With The Hat Beano #L18

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But that’s January for you

Best To Start Your Beanos in The Dark

09/05/2015 Leave a comment

This time #AFV15 on Friday 08 May 2015.  The day after the General Election 2015.

IMG_8505   IMG_8506
Church Street in a rare non raining photo.   And looking up Church Street.
IMG_8507   IMG_8508
Obligatory mirror shot.   Post Google Connect (YouTube) upload. Reflection.
IMG_8509   IMG_8510
Route punched into Waze.   Down the street, turn right.
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