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20230430 mb05 Day 02 Wrap

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After getting up I looked out of the window and it was Red Sky Shepherds warning. Half and hour later it was raining. At 07:00 for breakfast it had eased off but it was still day. It was a Brewer’s Fayre and they had the old style conveyor belt toast maker and it was spot on first time. New craft cans in The Posset Cup and they are both winners.

Gentle rain on the way to The Siren’s Calling. More YouTube comments, this one why did my Prelude appear in his recommendations. Mild and ESB to start, both on Cask. And to end a Cantillon Gueuze.

And we are done but it’s dry today

April 2023

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The month of:-


Better Savings

Bitcoin from Umbrel

Planting Casablanca in Bags

People moving

When Podcasts end

Head issues

Still damp, still cold

No Free Ticket

The lighter morning but still not really Spring

Post Weed and Feed mowing


21 Days of Bitcoin

All the Casablanca are in

One minute early

Blue Sky




Foggy #mb05

Cantillon in the rain


Coming in May 2023


Chuck’s Do


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Huh, Spring Only Lasted One Day

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You can’t beat quality comments. The rain is back, so I got slightly wet going to get my Premier Inn all you can eat breakfast. New craft cans in Spoons and it’s a corker. Listening to ATP. And another new craft can.

More gentle rain on the way to The Siren’s Calling. Mild and ESB to start both on Cask. Sometimes Old School is the way forward. Oh yes, Cantillon Gueuze as well.

Going out with a bang
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