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Thursday 18th December 2014

IMG_0649   IMG_0653
Emergency raw tomato.   Semi local Spoons – Paradise Place.
IMG_0655   IMG_0664
And it was festive.   And so was the Briar Rose.
IMG_0667   IMG_0672
Brewdog Birmingham. Cantillon Gueuze on draft.   And from the Brewdog Gent’s. Beer knowledge.

A Beano to Burton upon Trent

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Wednesday 17 December 2014

IMG_0619   IMG_0621
I love Premier Inns but this is my nemesis, the toast machine.   The all you can eat Full English.
IMG_0623   IMG_0624
Birmingham New Street, not the greatest of stations.   Burton was rather grey and damp.
IMG_0625   IMG_0626
The home of British Brewing seemed to be American.   However there seemed to be plenty of capacity.
IMG_0627   IMG_0628
Semi festive and in line with the beer theme.   The load Spoons. Great staff and welcome.
IMG_0633   IMG_0634
Great pub. Shame it wasn’t open until 16:00.   However The Roebuck was open.
IMG_0636   IMG_0641
Real wooden floor too, Mr Manning.   Couldn’t see the trees.
IMG_0643   IMG_0644
Beer theme at the station.   Hats off I say.

Post Christmas

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The trains started later

But there were trains

Pre Christmas

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So no change there them

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