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20191109 #mb15 Day 03

10/11/2019 1 comment

It’s that where did it all go day. Frost, rain and a Spoons with an Orangery. I spent the afternoon in The Pursuit of Hoppiness where everyone seemed to be my age. A Chief spotted me in a Tesco Metro

An Orangery in the Rain

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What a quality Spoons (The Imperial), not only having an Orangery but much Cask Ales. It rained after the frost and then I have power sockets in The Pursuit of Hoppines. I found Tabac too but I was there too early.

Error Codes and Mini Beanos

09/11/2019 Leave a comment

Boiler issues, Engineer booked but maybe replacement. The joy of contact lenses. Parking apps and #mb15 in Exeter #SaturdayWrap

20191108 #mb15 Day 02 Wrap

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Contact lenses in first time. Remote car park payment was a winner if somewhat expensive. A new Spoons, The Chevalier Inn, sort of like a kindergarten and I forgot to get the Cask Marque QR code. A T-shirt from The excellent Beer Cellar and the a pleasant what’s the best cover in The Pursuit of Hoppiness

Best Get A T-Shirt

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Both lenses in first time and iOs 13.2.2 installed on all. A Christmas Tree and a full of of nippers Chevalier Inn. I didn’t get the QR code however. A T-Shirt from The Beer Cellar, still without a cellar and the best covers in The Pursuit of Hoppiness.

DT: Friday Night Updates

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For the Evening of Friday 08 November 2019

Premier League

1 Ponty Bloooobirds 729
Ty Olding
2 He Who Dares Wins 696
Matt Hoskins
3 Cwtch me if you can 661
Colin Davies
4 phils 11 659
Phillip Linton
5 JUDYS9 638
Judith Miller
6 Show me da Mane 625
Iwan Hoskins
7 KILLER12 617
Steve Miller
8 Normski 594
Andrew Norman
9 Little Black Hen 536
Andrew Norman
9 Monkins Machine 536
Christian Morris
11 Egg Chasers 2 XI 528
David Morgan
12 chmod 777 523
Roger Nash
13 Dyfpool Town 521
Dyfan Thomas
14 Renegade Raiders 478
Colin Davies


Rank Team & Manager GW TOT
1 Marching on Together 0 638
Ian Page
2 Vidre Dubrovnika! 0 619
Chris Bailey
3 Ponty Bloooobirds 0 578
Tyrone Olding
4 Saunders Valve 4 562
Dale Parker
5 It’s Raining Mendy 0 562
Gareth Yeo
6 Klump City 5 556
colin liston
7 SMILLER12 0 552
8 Deano’s Hero’s 0 540
Dean Parry
9 No Kane No Game 0 538
Niamhy Coveney
10 AI Crypto United 0 523
Roger Nash
10 maximan 0 523
Richard Culliford
12 Occams Eleven 0 511
Mark Begley
13 More Picnics… 0 498
Craig Price
14 Numero Nuno 0 492
Scott Whittingham
15 JudyHeros 0 491
Judith Miller

20191107 #mb15 Day 01 Wrap

08/11/2019 Leave a comment

Contact lenses and parking apps were against me. Not keen on the rather dark and roadworks burdened M5 either. However, a 06:30 opening Costa in the centre of town and a compact City Centre won me back. Overfilled #CurryThursday and a bit of a find with The Beer Cellar. I can’t see the sea from my Premier Inn room and The Pursuit of Hoppiness is another Exeter winner.

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