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mb10 2022 Gloucester Oktoberfest Candid Journal

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Lots of odds, video of food containers without commentary, tech beer and despite what I said, lighting.

20221004 mb10 Day 05 Wrap

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The last day, feeling better than yesterday. Lots of network it just does work issues. However there’s a fresh cask of Cowcatcher on at The Regal. If only more Pubs had filled rolls like the Turks Head. Installing October’s Pixel security update in The Pelican. I came with a cold, I left with a cold. It was the cold Mini Beano. I also with three Oktoberfest Pint glasses (paid for). The Severn Bridge is closed due to high winds.

DT: Tuesday Night Updates

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For Tuesday 04 October 2022


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Networks Just Don’t Work

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WiFi won’t connect, VPN drops, Ultimate WiFi isn’t and only just 5G signal. It’s the last day of #mb10. There’s a fresh cask of Cowcatcher on at the Regal and it’s drinking well. The Turks Head has cheese and onion rolls everyday of the week. I need more pubs like this. Installing the Pixel 6a security updates in The Pelican. Tech, beer and travel.

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