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September 2022

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The month of:-

FilmicPro Subs
Weird Dad Taproom
New PM
Scotch Eggs and Vinegar
Amazon CC Cashback goes
Far Out and Dynamic Island
Post Far Out Beano
ER II passes
A Bank Holiday is announced
Free Beer
Strange Pot Noodle
Not quite full updates
Then everything
iOS 16
Lock Screen
168.9 a litre
The Funeral
Android 13
Another Gas Leak at work
Heavy Cold Weekend
13.5 TOG
Scotch Eggs are back
Premiere Elements 2023

Coming in October 2022

The rest of Oktoberfest in Gloucester
Boiler Service

For Saturday 01 October 2022

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The Saturday Wrap for 01 October 2022. Massive Cold, 13.5 TOG, The Wall (Film), lenses back in, Scotch Eggs back, Stage Manager, Energy Bill refund, Premiere Elements 2023, mb10, blow dry fire, OktoberfestGloucester2022. #SaturdayWrap #Gloucester #September2022

20220930 mb10 Day 01 Wrap

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The Hat, the Gentle Mist, The Severn Pea Souper and The Firm Alarm evacuation on arrival. Cheaper Costa Meal Deal and a morning in The Lord High Constable of England. A QR, A Glass, A Geography Lesson then a HotDog with Sauerkraut. These and poor weather are what Mini Beanos are all about. Very Good Times. 

The First Hat Wearing Since 2019

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The first Gloucester Oktoberfest since 2019 and the hat is back in action. Apart from the peasouper on the Severn Bridge there were pretty patches of mist on the way to Gloucester. Someone, blow drying their hair set the Fire Alarm off at Premier Inn Gloucester Quays. Costa Coffee and The Lord High Constable of England for the Prelude. It rained, the Internet went down in Warehouse 4 but I had a positive attitude and genuine Okoberfest Biers. Back tomorrow and Sunday for more, also I had Chips and Sauerkraut. 

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