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Day 05 – London 2016

Rain, Football and Brewery Taps

IMG_6758   IMG_6759
Seems wet outside   Liverpool Street Station
IMG_6760   IMG_6761
Spoons Start   More Stout
IMG_6762   IMG_6764
From the 5.7c fridge   A touch early for Partizan Brewing, raining too
IMG_6765   IMG_6766
Lemongrass Saison   Brewing Land
IMG_6767   IMG_6769
And some malt   With Sorachi hops
IMG_6770   IMG_6771
And onto Fourpure   And inside
IMG_6773   IMG_6772
With live Untappd updates. Excellent, Beer and Tech.   Passionfruit Wit
IMG_6775   IMG_6776
Flatiron Red   Not a Brewery but hey!
IMG_6777   IMG_6778
Dark Revolution – Good Attitude   Back2Basics -  Dark Revolution – A dark sour
IMG_6780   IMG_6781
Hops Forward   Great Bar Staff
Partizan Brewery and Eebria Tap
Partizan Brewery and Eebria Tap
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