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Day 02 – London 2016

Day 02, the rainy day

IMG_6672   IMG_6673
Part 01 – The healthy part   Part 02 – Not so healthy
IMG_6674   IMG_6675
My Tube broke down   But only a short delay to Liverpool Street
IMG_6676   IMG_6677
Spoons   As drunk by Big Col
IMG_6678   IMG_6680
From the Spoons fridge   Mercato Metropolitano
IMG_6681   IMG_6683
Standard Italian Beers   Menabrea Lager
IMG_6684   IMG_6685
Menabrea Amber Lager   Volpina by Amarcord
IMG_6688   IMG_6686
@theitalianjobw4   RHS
IMG_6687   IMG_6690
LHS   Humulus Black Stoner IPA
IMG_6693   IMG_6694
Humulus Black Stoner IPA   Sour
Frambozschella – lovely    


Italian Craft be here
Italian Craft be here
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