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The Same But Slightly Different

It’s another Emergency Beano but what with the Rugby, slight tweaks to the schedule and a Spoons’ Full English to boot. Mainly because I feel like one and hang the recent price increase. That is the true spirit of an Emergency Beano.

The John Wallace Linton – Newport

The big news at the John Wallace Linton. They have gone all Pen and Wig. You just show your CAMRA card and you get the Real Ale beer discount. This is wonderful,really wonderful.

Large Full English, currently £6.34

50% extra butter and the beans could have been hotter but overall tidy. I usually get 100% extra butter when I ask for extra. However, I’m didn’t pay any extra.

Actually went down a treat

Rather superior Glamorgan Brewery glass with Boss Boom in it. Mostly conflicted, however as it’s The Pen & Wig it’s always a positive.

OK, so it is Boss.

Back to Micros, in the Awesome Little Taphouse and it’s Magic Dragon from Wrexham. Not sure if it’s made from real Sheep. Could be an Untappd near miss?

From Big Col Land

And on to Tiny Rebel, where it was all Rugby. However downstairs in The Cwtch it was all Norwegian Yeast and Table Tennis.

Tiny Welcome Board
Tiny Table Tennis
Used my Loyalty Card too

And really fast WiFi too. Back next week for their Birthday.

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