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Cheaper Petrol and Beer

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06 January 2023

Back in the Beano saddle for 2023. The Beer House is only open on the Saturday (10% off for tagging them on Social Media), so it’s more of the Beer In Hand and The Orange Tree. Lots of Daily Tech News Show #CES2023 coverage on the way up.

Nice lot of space in the Carpark

And just across the road, a sign that I shouldn’t have filled up before I left. 2023 is going to be one of those years.

However 149.9 a litre in Pontypridd

Things started to look up when I was given an app voucher for a hot drink in Costa Coffee tomorrow.

I’m the Mayor too

The Town Centre and on the way to The Kings Fee (Wetherspoon)

99p a Pint for Guest Ales. Helps with the Post Christmas spending.

Not Here in Wales

Moving on to The Orange Tree, in need of Cobs.

A lot of history around
A Great Pubby Pub

Might, actually completely over did it with two cobs.

Cheese and Onion & Ham Salad

Opens at 12:00, seven days a week. Classic Pub.

20230106 Prelude mb01 Hereford Jan 23

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The first Mini Beano of 2023 and the usual January issue of closed pubs. Redone my schedule and I think I have got it beat. Too dark for optimised departure, obviously. A windy start at home and a calm and cooler arrival in Hereford. It’s good to be Beanoing in 2023.

Back Beanoing in 2023
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