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Work Backwards

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Morning wet

Afternoon dry

Newport not Berlin

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When it’s dark there

It’s dark here

Westerlies for 2011

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The sun did come out

And the correct glasses

With a CAMRA Voucher

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With too much breakfast

And a little snow

Garden – January 2011

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Not much happening

But no snow

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Music this Month – December 2010

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What I’m listening to

Love is all (Butterfly Ball) – Roger Glover and Friends
I’m with you – Avril Lavigne
Long time coming – The Delays
Blue and evil – Joe Bonamassa
Godzilla (live) – Blue Oyster Cult

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December 2010

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The month of:-

Minus 9.1°
Minus 10.6°
Missing Venus
3G back
Melt water & blue
Easy Newcastle
Metro & die
Jiffy & snow
Roasties for chips
I get a cold and Skype goes down
Slips and sneezes
Coldest Christmas ever
It leaves

Coming in January 2011

New Future?
CES 2011

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