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20211009 – mb04 Day 03 Wrap

10/10/2021 Leave a comment

Red Sky / Blue Sky. Glorious Beer Gardens. Deya, it’s large. Only 2 medium T-shirts. 

Deya Taproom

10/10/2021 Leave a comment

Begin the day with a little red sky, then blue sky and then Spoon’s Coffee. Discover a wonderful Beer Garden with a Stream and then drinl a Bragdy Conwy brew. Google Maps guided in the Sun, I progressed on to The Deya Brewery Taproom.

It was large, it was clean and they were still doing table serving. On 2 medium T-shirts but the world of the Finesat of Fine Ales. The toilets were very clean to. WiFi ADSL2+.

20211007 – Prelude mb04 Cheltenham October 21

07/10/2021 Leave a comment

With the weather turning warmer again (Delta) and an optimised leaving time, mb04 is already looking good. Mostly light, mostly off M5 traffic traffic jams. However I got to the Premier Inn without a bump. Due to the location of the Deya Brewery, the Premier Inn is 35 minutes walk from the City Centre and Spoons. Weather, drizzle the dry all over. Exploring the City Centre and drinking Fine Ales today. May also get fit?

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