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Cosford – To The Cold War Hall

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On Saturday 25 July 2015

IMG_6608   IMG_6610
The main gate, at least one of them.   Welcome.
IMG_6611   IMG_6618
Gate Guardian –

Hawker Siddeley Hunter F6A XG225.

  And looking towards the gate.
IMG_6626   IMG_6630
The Cold War Hall in the distance.   Bristol Britannia.
IMG_6639   IMG_6658
And head on.  

Nimrod R.Mk.1 XV249.

IMG_6651   IMG_6679
Dutch  Lockheed SP-2H Neptune.   Nimrod from behind.
IMG_6665   IMG_6689
The Cold War Hall.   The entrance.


Map picture
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All Three V Bombers

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Cold War Museum – RAF Cosford

Vulcan, Victor and Valiant

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