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March Museums 2015 – Day 04 Part 2

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The Wheatstone

And Premier Inn, on an Apple Day

March Museums 2015 – Day 04 City of Coventry

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Peeking over the hedge

XL360 on a grey and overcast day

March Museums 2015 – Day 04 Midland Air Museum

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It started frosty and clear in Hinckley and turned into grey and overcast in Coventry, the home of the Midland Air Museum.

IMG_5961   IMG_5975
As it says with XL360 in the distance.   And from the other direction.
IMG_5952   IMG_5981
Peeping over the hedge.   On a rather grey day.
IMG_5974   IMG_5996
As you come in through the gate.    
IMG_5987   IMG_6002
    Blue Steel.
IMG_6018   IMG_6141
Sea Harrier FA2 – ZE694.   Gloster Javelin FAW.5 –


IMG_6122   IMG_6046

Sea Vixen FAW.2 –



Gannet T.2 –


IMG_6048   IMG_6064

Lightning T.55 55-713 & RAF F.6 XR771.

IMG_6053   IMG_6070

MiG-21SPS "Fishbed"

– 959.


F-4C-11-MC Phantom II 63-7699.

IMG_6091   IMG_6127

F-101B-80-MC Voodoo



Argosy 101


IMG_6096   IMG_6128

F-100D-16-NA Super Sabre 54-1174.

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