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It says it on my Passport

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The old blue one, that is

IMG_4514   IMG_4515
From the East   And the warning that you are entering the American sector, semi authentic
IMG_4516   IMG_4518
This wasn’t there when I crossed through in 85/86   And the push back.
IMG_4525   IMG_4523
Authentic   Not authentic


Checkpoint Charlie Stamp

Bernauer Strasse and Nordbahnhof

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The border, die Mauer and the Park

IMG_4477   IMG_4480
Nordbahnhof (inside)   Nordbahbhof (outside)
IMG_4484   IMG_4486
A real section of the wall   A memorial to those who died trying to cross the wall
IMG_4487   IMG_4489
Old Mauer sections   A death zone light
IMG_4493   IMG_4494
The death zone observation tower   From the tower and the Church memorial in the distance
IMG_4496   IMG_4500
The only section of death zone left   A wider view of the death zone
IMG_4509   IMG_4513
Mauer Park   Mauer Park, not the real wall


And work progresses

Humboldthain Flak Tower

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Apparently the French didn’t finish the job

IMG_4444   IMG_4445
The start, heading towards but not to Spandau   The palce of Tears at Friedrichstrasse Station
IMG_4447   IMG_4448
S1 to Gesundbrunnen and then cross the road   Only half of it is left, the hill around it is the rubble from the other half
IMG_4460   IMG_4467
At the top   Looking down from the top
IMG_4470   IMG_4473
Views from the bottom   Another view from the bottom
IMG_4526   IMG_4527
The Berlin Underground Society Booking Office   Where their tours start but no photos due to copyright reasons


The British did and the one in the Zoo is gone

Day Two Other Stuff

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Just stuff that caught my eye

IMG_4290   IMG_4292
Early morning Berlin   A toilet centre?
IMG_4293   IMG_4433
Not a chippy in the conventional sense   Rathaus – Spandau
IMG_4436   IMG_4437
Brauhaus Mitte   Their Pils, also with a slightly yeasty taste
IMG_4440   IMG_4438
Brauhaus Lemke   The Dunkel, a solid drink


And of course more beer

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