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Bernauer Strasse and Nordbahnhof

29/06/2011 Leave a comment

The border, die Mauer and the Park

IMG_4477   IMG_4480
Nordbahnhof (inside)   Nordbahbhof (outside)
IMG_4484   IMG_4486
A real section of the wall   A memorial to those who died trying to cross the wall
IMG_4487   IMG_4489
Old Mauer sections   A death zone light
IMG_4493   IMG_4494
The death zone observation tower   From the tower and the Church memorial in the distance
IMG_4496   IMG_4500
The only section of death zone left   A wider view of the death zone
IMG_4509   IMG_4513
Mauer Park   Mauer Park, not the real wall


And work progresses

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