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October 2020

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The month of:-

Google Pixel 4a 5G
Storm Alex
The revenge of 2004
Packing anyway
Kind Beer and Cake
Tritium Tuesday
Yet more Lockdown
10.5 TOG
Blank and Flat again
Started planting Summer Onions
3500 Uniques
Dell Delivery and an insight
New iPhones
Rebooked Exeter again
Moving around
Non seamless transfer
Fire Break announced
The Biggest Tweet ever
Pre Fire Break Emergency Beano
Thunder Run on the 2020 Fire HD
IOS 14.1
B&Q stays open but Supermarkets can’t sell clothes
The Fire Break starts
More Summer Onions in and no more Compost
No sanitary towels for you
Readying Winter Feet
The End of Rewards
Four days of weather warnings
Sock Saturday

Coming in November 2020

November England Lockdown
Cancelled Mini Beanos

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