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Music This Month – June 2017

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Devil’s Answer – Atomic Rooster
Fur Helene – Twelfth Night
Xanadu (Live) – Rush
Heart Full Of Soul – The Yardbirds
Breadfan – Metallica

June 2017

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The month of:-

Expensive import
Frames and gutters
Mini compromised
Broken Argos tree
Why cancelled
Update to WiFi
Convivial Rabbit
Getting the small 4
Hung Parliament
Nicely sized
Pump Clip Artist
The DUP Kingmakers
Not quite a four fit
Sore eye and sleepy
Just the soup
Parking space
Scaffolding and weeding
It was moss
2nd creator
The mowed lawn needs more seeds
Summer rice beer
All tomatoes are out
Melting cushions
Hangout across
All one take
It came across
Penarth Chips and Helles
All Peppers out
The other arm
More videos
Issues with German cars
Northern February in June
The thumb pays

Coming in July 2017

Boiler Service
Double Glazing

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