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Music This Month – January 2017

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Me and Bobby McGee – Janis Joplin
Substitute – Clout
Isn’t it time – The Babys
Music to watch girls by – Andy Williams
Not on the Radio – Geoff Smith
Still Alive – GLaDOS & Jonathan Coulton

That was – January 2017

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The month of:-

Flat start
All CES and frosty
2900 x 12
BOL 10 Years Later
Swansea missing space
Thunder snow
Post it meal and pre goodbye
Where’s my Overclock
A better cable
Spring and Convoy
Dusty Busting with UEFI
Tuesday TWiT again
Plus 17 is the best for me
Darkness LED
Rectangular plates
Hind and Dragon
Blocked twice
Quality Back Street Boozer
Foggy return
MBP and Socal support
The 2 year return
T&T in The Vale
They’ve taken away the fridges
Appy Newport
A day of updating
Absolute and relative

Coming in February 2017

Maybe Hereford?

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