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Music this month – June 2016

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Video Killed The Radio Star – Buggles
Burning for you – BÖC
Mountain Time – Joe Bonamassa
The Mule – Deep Purple
What to do with Michael – Candy Butchers

June 2016

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The month of:-

Trust Waze and smell the FAA Bacon
1K Youtube
Moving Tanks
Struggle to return again
Recognising Sheep
Stand Down Stem
4.5 TOG
U7 Bricked
Euro Dream Team
In The Loft drinking Sours
Drought over
Again x 2
"My Nan’s Welsh"
May Security
Minus a nut
Major spillage
Mini bbq
Grade A boiler
Voted out
A Motorway Starbucks and a Javelin
A very Monday, Monday
Short life washer

Coming in July 2016

Maybe a #mb

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