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Boscombe Down Aviation Collection


A rainy day early in 2015 and a great welcome

IMG_0763   IMG_0765
Tesco Extra Salisbury. Petrol and   A Full English (too much fried bread) Raw Tomato for health.
IMG_0766   IMG_5324
Due to the rain, this was the only outdoor photo. RAF Comet cockpit.   Sparrow and Christmas Tree, both drill.
IMG_5425   IMG_5328
WE177. British Nuclear bomb.   And from the otherside.
IMG_5339   IMG_5353
GAF Jindivik MK103A unmanned target aircraft   Gloster Meteor D16 – WK800. Unmanned target aircraft.
IMG_5358   IMG_5373
Sea Harrier FA2 XZ457. Went to the Falklands on HMS Hermes.   Real life kills. Not all the same pilot.
IMG_5369   IMG_5365
Carrying a Paveway II.   The original cockpit was destroyed due to a take off engine fire. The pilot ejected.
IMG_5382   IMG_5401
Lightning F2A – XN726 cockpit.   Wasp HAS1 XT437 (423)
IMG_5417   IMG_5423
Proton Spray Pack and Cannon Pack.   ASRAAM – drill round.
IMG_5390   IMG_5342
Sea Vixen FAW1 XJ476 cockpit.   Browning M2 50 calibre
IMG_5356   IMG_5376
Looking down the hangar.   Looking up the hangar.

Excellent staff, nothing was too much trouble.

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