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Midlands Air Museum–July 2014

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In the sun and ten minutes early.

IMG_4560   IMG_4588
Thunderbird and Vulcan.   Shackleton radar at entrance.
IMG_4611   IMG_4615
Appropriate.   Everybody needs an ice cream.
IMG_4616   IMG_4629
Canberra T-17 WH646.   Vulcan B.2 XL360 and Blue Steel.
IMG_4644   IMG_4652
Javelin F.A.W.5 XA699.   Sea Hawk WV797.
IMG_4672   IMG_4679
Gannet T-2 XA508.   MIG-21 SPS 959 (6503) East German.
IMG_4689   IMG_4714
Sea Harrier FA2 ZE694.   Lightning F-6 XR771.
IMG_4722   IMG_4733
F100D Super Sabre 54-2174.   F-101B Voodoo 56-0312.
IMG_4745   IMG_4771
F-4c Phantom II 63-7699.   Vickers Viscount F-BGNR.
IMG_4781   IMG_4826
East German MIG’s fin.   Sea Vixen F.A.W.2 XN685.
IMG_4729   IMG_4780
Saudi Lightning T-55 55-713.   Canberra P.R.3 WF992.

City of Coventry–XL360

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Midland Air Museum

IMG_4562   IMG_4563
From the car park.   Also from the car park.
IMG_4571   IMG_4592
IMG_4612   IMG_4620
    Inside the museum.
IMG_4623   IMG_4628
With a Blue Steel in the background.    
IMG_4633   IMG_4634
IMG_4636   IMG_4823
IMG_4829   IMG_4825

Another Half Hour

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Resplendent in the Sun



DT: Tuesday Night Updates

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As Brazil Go Crashing Out

Pos Team Manager Points
1 iTeam Gareth Harley-Yeo 355
2 Marching onto Rio Ian page 339
3 maximus rules Carl Price 321
3 Wales would beat these Steve Lane 321
5 Fried Egg Studios Chris Williams 301
6 Team Valleys Jennifer Price 300
7 Evs11 Richard Evans 249
8 Saunders Valve Dale Parker 245
9 The Same As The Beer Roger Nash 239
10 Gabalfa Rangers FC Russell Calderwood 221
11 Sharky’s Mark Jones 205
12 Whitt’s Wanderers Scott Whittingham 202
13 Madchester United Matt Lloyd 184
14 Dunno FC Kiran Cannon 180
15 The Glory Boys 2 Mark Lonney 164
16 The Golden Swan Mark Begley 101
17 Little Troopers Leslie Withers 59
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