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Yorkshire Air Museum – Elvington

04 July 2014

IMG_0276 IMG_0288
Museum entrance. Spitfire 1 – R6690
IMG_0295 IMG_0312
Hurricane 1 – P3873. Lindy – XL231.
IMG_0334 IMG_0337
Nimrod MR2 – XV250. Three quarter view.
IMG_0385 IMG_0395
Lightning F.6 – XS903. Harrier GR3, Tornado GR4 & Lightning F.6.
IMG_0422 IMG_0424
Dakota IV KN253. Buccaneer S.2 XN974.
IMG_0429 IMG_0438
Mirage IIIE 538. Buccaneer S.2B XX901.
IMG_0457 IMG_0449
Halifax III(III) – LV907. Halifax and Gannet AEW 3 – XL502.
IMG_0475 IMG_0490
Mosquito NEII – HJ711. Javelin F(AW).9 – XH767.
IMG_0498 IMG_0511
Chieftain. Martel and Sea Eagle – lineage?
IMG_0358 IMG_0368
More Lindy – XL231. Cold War Warriors together.

When summer started

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