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In Search of Soviet War Memorials

30/06/2011 Leave a comment

The first dry but closed (renovations)

IMG_4543   IMG_4540
Wilhelmsruh S-Bahn   The outside gate
IMG_4541   IMG_4542
The sign   The work
IMG_4546   IMG_4547
Treptower Park S-Bahn   The park
IMG_4549   IMG_4550
The view from the road   It began to drizze
IMG_4551   IMG_4555
Not sure what the statue is   Statue of Soviet Soldier
IMG_4556   IMG_4557
The entrance to the memorial   Looking down from the entrance
IMG_4559   IMG_4565
Looking back towards the entrance   Looking forward towards the memorial
IMG_4566   IMG_4568
One of the craved stone slabs around the perimeter   The memorial statue
IMG_4571   IMG_4576
Inside the Statue base   And looking back towards the entrance
IMG_4578   IMG_4580
Renovations on the statue   And leaving the memorial


The second wet but open


Aerial view
Aerial view
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