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How To Create A Personal Landing Page With About.me


A low cost option for creating your own “Web Business Card”

A Page On The Internet

To host your CV, to unify your Social Media links, to display your Contact Details and to Be Found. You can login with either your Twitter or Facebook identity or create an account with a username / password combination.

Selecting The Join For Free Option

Step 01, left click on “Join For Free”

The Sign Up Page

Add you first name, your last name, an email address that you have, a strong password that’s at least 12 characters long and a username that will be your about.me web address.

Start Putting Your Information In

It’s a good idea to have a suitable business photo, your business bio and the web links to your social media accounts ready for this stage. To start creating your page click on the “Start Creating Your Page” blue button at the bottom of the page.

Your Business Photo?

Haven’t got one, you can skip this step. For the sake of this execise, we’ll skip the photo. My name has been obsecured to protect the mostly innocent.

The Bio Box

Which can be moved about, added too and has your contact details including email feedback form.

Introduce Yourself

Notice the “Backstory” bottom left. Your CV could go here.

Edit Later

Click on this button while logged to edit your page.

More Options

Experiment with the settings?

Even About.me Use About.me

This is their Chief Technology Officer

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