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How To Setup A Blogger Blog

Whether it’s just somewhere to host your CV or to showcase your talents. A blog maybe just the thing. This is Blogger, a free Blog. Other free Blogging platforms are available.

So To Start We Go To The Blogger Getting Started Guide

You will need a Google/Gmail account before you start. Blogger Getting Started Guide. Step 01 click on the "Create a blog" link.

Which Takes You Here

Which is actually just down the page. Step 02 click on the "Blogger homepage" link.

Login To Google

Enter you Gmail email address and password.

Your New Blog

Step 03 click on "New Blog".

The Blog Details

The Title is what will be displayed at the top left of your web browser. The address is the web address of your Blogger site. The template defines the way your site will look. Once you have completed these three steps, click on "Create Blog". You will get messages that your blog is being created and a confirmation that it was successful.

Your Blog Has Been Created

The Title has been obsecured to protect the innocent.

More Setup Options

Step 04 click on the drop down arrow.

The Overview Screen

For the moment, you can leave all the settings at their defaults. However if you want to customise your settings or see how many people are viewing your posts, this is where need to go.

Your First Post

Step 05, click on the orange pencil button to create a new post.

Add A Title

Some text, some pictures, maybe a video, some links and click Publish. You are now a Blogger.

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