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Big Orange Flemish Things

A little trip down to the seaside – 08 November 2013

IMG_6651   IMG_1500
Gare du Midi – Brussels.   As it says.
IMG_1502   IMG_1505
My locomotive as it were.   They like bikes here.
IMG_1506   IMG_1519
The front of the station.   Not actually floating.
IMG_1522   IMG_1526
The Cathedral.   Along the harbour side.
IMG_1527   IMG_1530
Multilingual Seagulls.   No comment.
IMG_1533   IMG_1542
Not sure.   Water feature.
IMG_1543   IMG_1548
IMG_1550   IMG_1552
    Orange things.
IMG_1566   IMG_1568
Actually steel.    
IMG_1570   IMG_1571
Spanish Inn?   Bandstand.
  1. 18/11/2013 at 14:28

    hahaha! “not sure” Great caption!
    Actually, I’m not too sure about those orange things,either! hahahaha!!!

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