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Hall Two and it’s Polish

WWII and Korea

IMG_1119   IMG_1120
Fairey Swordfish II – HS618/A2001   Fairey Fulmar I – G-AIBE
IMG_1121   IMG_1124
Not safe here either   Grumman Martlet (Wildcat)
IMG_1126   IMG_1136
With the big radial up front   Chance Vought Corsair IV
IMG_1144   IMG_1149
Seafire F.17 – SX137   Hawker Sea Fury FB 11
IMG_1152   IMG_1155
Mig 15bis   Fairey Firefly TT1
IMG_1162   IMG_1142
Just love the Corsair   Grumman Avenger – ECM6b

And more DW too

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